Today is June 29th, 2018. A few days away from July, my birthday month :)

This year I'm turning 28! I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a big year from an astrology perspective.

I'm in the middle of my Saturn Return.

The next 5 years or so are going to be immensly exciting in my life, and I'd like to share with all of you friends, what I'm planning for it to look like.


I've learned that in life nothing starts without a clear vision (for a better future, world, ect).


AI is going to be a very prominent part of our lives in the next 5 years.

Autonomous driving is well under way, and I wouldn't be shocked if by 2023, Tesla, Uber and other major tech companies will have their autonmous fleets driving along side human drivers.

This alone will have a massive shift on the economy and society - making transportation safer and cheaper than ever.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

What about all those drivers? Will they be unemployed?

And the truth is, it's up to entprepreneurs like myself to make sure that we bridge this gap carefully and judiciously.

Shift to Automation

We are in the midsts of a massive transision in our workforce and economy.

This transition can be categorized as moving from uninspiring work (that just gets us A to B), to riding through life with ease and grace.

You see the destiny of Earth was never to just be stressful place, where we are indefinitely just trying to survive.

Earth is a place where the inhabitants are destined to thrive.

And the way we will thrive my friends, is through the conscious implementation of technology.

You see, technology is the bridge to a truly abundant world.

I'm talking about robots doing work, while humans get to experience the planet and all of it's marvels.

As a friend of mine Josh said: "If you feel like going into Power Ranger mode, you should be able to do that".

You see, life doesn't need to be so serious.

It's been serious up until now, becuase we've been merely trying to survive. You know, not get killed.

But the world that we are moving towards, wars will just be in the history books.

The Era of The Wise Human

I've noticed that as a man, I no longer find myself needing to lift heavy things very often. Or defend my land against intruders.

I'm from NY, and NY is a very competitive landscape.

I'm willing to predict that their will be many trends that move us away from Barabaric type of activies and behaviors and towards higher-order activities, using our mind.

I recently read Sapiens, which was a brilliant capture of our history.

One of the main things that stuck out, is that we are Homo Sapiens. The Wise Human.


So what's my plan?

I intend to play a critical role in this transition to a new world of abudance using technology.

My team and I have been working incesently to build one of the first technologies that will allow for this league of automation within the work environment.

This will be one of many products that my company Sage builds for this planet. And I say planet, becasue I expect adoption for technology like this to be completely unbiquitous.

Better Systems, Better Planet

All of the luxuries you experience today, are due to systems that have been put in place by entrepeneurs before me.

These systems are only scratching the surface of what will be possible in the future.

This lack of forsight is what is hindering most people from seeing the beautiful future that is in store for us.

With the implementation of fully-autonomous AI systems, lots of the basic needs will be met.

It will make Earth resemble a Utopian planet, or Heaven.


Consciousness can be categorized simply as how your mind works.

How do you think?

It it positive? Or is it negative?

I believe the new "survival of the fittest", isn't physical, it's how pure your mind is.

If your mind is purified, and you have positive thoughts, you will attract a completley different life, than if you have negative thoughts.

For example, if you want to create something. You absolutely cannot have negative thoughts. These harshly tarnish your ability to manifest.

Paving a new way

Now I know some of the concepts covered here are foreign, unfamiliar, and maybe even uncomfortable.

Change is always uncomfortable.

But this is the future, and I intend to stride boldly towards this vision, while taking responsibility for the well-being of all effected in this cultural transition.


I have immese gratitude to all those who I've crossed path with on this journey of life. You've each come with beautiful lessons that have aided me on this beautiful journey called life.

Much love,