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My First Year Dedicated to Service

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Israel - The Early Days

The past few weeks have been quite an adjustment. Firstly, I am not used to being around my family. What a blessing! Jeeze, I you really don't know how good you got it, until you're back, kicking it, with the original gang. I traveled, moved around quite a [ Continue reading ]

Phase 1 Complete

Wow, what a year it's been... Emotions were in flux, intelligence was gained. Leadership skills were honed. Resiliancy was upgraded. Love of my craft exponentially increased. Scaled the team up to 15 members of my team, only to reduce the team size back down to 3 team core [ Continue reading ]

5 Year Plan

Today is June 29th, 2018. A few days away from July, my birthday month :) This year I'm turning 28! I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a big year from an astrology perspective. I'm in the middle of my Saturn Return. The next 5 years or so are [ Continue reading ]

My First Year Dedicated to Service

2017 was a wild ride. I moved three times, met and learned from hundreds of new interesting people with diverse backgrounds, changed my name, built a team for my company Sage AI, learned countless lessons, and attended a week long festival where I disconnected completely from the grid [ Continue reading ]