The past few weeks have been quite an adjustment.

Firstly, I am not used to being around my family. What a blessing! Jeeze, I you really don't know how good you got it, until you're back, kicking it, with the original gang.

I traveled, moved around quite a bit, had my fair share of life experience over the past few years, but family is truly irreplacable.

Everything from conversations with dad, my aunt & uncles, to eating my Grandma's cooking. It's just been a blessing.

It's the simple things in life... that really just harm the heart.


I'm excited too. More family in joining. My sister and her beautiful little family, and my mom, are all moving back to Israel.

It almost feels quite surreal, as this was kind of everyones collective dream, and it's all happening all at once. What a life! Now that's what I call a family dream manifestation.


As much as I loved all previous chapters in my life, for what each of them was worth. And, each of them was surely worth a lot :). This one feels different.

There's a much more profound sense of purpose that I'm stepping into, that's very real and very clear.

I've spent the last 4-years or so of my life, in deep focus & self-mastery with myself. It wasn't really even of choice. This life chose me.

From the moment, I set off to "Find Myself" in Bali, it's been a very spiritual type of life. Very much connected to God, Universe, ect.

But prior to that, it was also, somewhat of a training, but perhaps I just wasn't quite aware of it. I worked my butt off in the corporate world, to prove myself, but really, that was all just self-mastery too. At least that's my interpretation of it now.

All of this, "self-mastery", is for some greater purpose that I'm still looking to uncover. I guess if I had all the answers, what fun would the journey be...

I think I may find my answer here in Israel.


Ever since I was a young boy I had been traveling to Israel with my family. I mostly took it for granted, passing it off as the norm, as most Israeli kids and their mothers pay a visit to the holy land as almost like a yearly ritual, to see family, and ground back into the roots of the (very special) culture here.

Being here now, I'm able to appreciate it in a completely new light. And that's what I'll spend a bit of time illustrating now.

The culture is very special. Mostly due the adversity the people here have faced trying to maintain the land, and protect their families.

This "maintaining of land" dates back to the beginning of time, and is a pretty typical part of the survival-of-the-fittest aspect of our human condition.

But Israel is once of the places on earth (not the only one), that faces these types of phenomina on a day-to-day basis.

Due to these threats, the Israeli-people have cultivated a culture, of extreme warmth, in every aspect of thier lives -- from the Teller at the Bank, to the Immigration Officer, they are all warm and pretty damn charming, I must say.

I believe, they do this out of necessity, to combat the darker sides of their human experience.

The darker side, of course, is they live amongst people, that deep down in their hearts, hate them.

Why? Human Conditioning. Years, and years, and years and years... of religous conflict, over holy land, and no peace resolution in sight.

There isn't really any one individual to point the finger at. I truly believe no one is truly at fault. It's a collective issue, that has plagued this part of the world since the beginning of our dated history.

History decided to have multiple relgions, and due to scarcity and lack of resource, well. We have this conflict.

The happier side of the story

Although their is religous conflict here in the Middle East. And it's clear that no one really sees the light at the end of the tunnel, I am optimistic.

We live in a time where social media is in the palm of our hands. Education and access to information has never been more ubiquitious.

And while this generation of leaders may not see the light, I do.

The reason is, I've spent time shoulder to shoulder with futurists and optimists of all walks of life, and I know that we are truly in a very important time period in human history.

A time where the technological singularity is upon us (within the next 20-30 years). This means robots, will be here, automation, access to even more information, and better technology to keep us safe.

With all of these factors entering the mix, there will be no choice, but to live a life of abudance & freedom.

Archaic leaders of the old world, can preach their stories of scarcity all they want, but when the robots come. Everyone will have access to resources and lack of resource is at the heart of the conflict here, in the middle east, and across the developing world.

I lived in California. I've seen huge populations, living in abundance. And I know the rest of the world will follow. It's only a matter of time.

So, while you may be reading rhetoric and propoganda in the news, be sure. That a new age is upon us.

"The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice" - Martin Luther King

With love, peace, and abundace,

Tom Lev