Wow, what a year it's been...

Emotions were in flux, intelligence was gained. Leadership skills were honed. Resiliancy was upgraded. Love of my craft exponentially increased.

Scaled the team up to 15 members of my team, only to reduce the team size back down to 3 team core members, that made it onto Phase 2.

Learned so many lessons about team leadership - what it means to truly lead, lessons in Grit. What it means to be so obsessed with what you're working on, that you can silence the rest of the world.

That was the type of focus that was required to complete Phase 1.


Focus is this almost esoteric concept in life that we rarely talk about unless your a monk training your focus in a monestary in Thailand.

I learned a lot about Focus, and it's contiued importance in my mission to develop Artificial Intelligence that aligns with the Earth in a heart-centered and harmonious way.

What I realized that all those hours I was staring at the back of eye-lids, meditating in South East Asia, was in order to hone my focus in order to be able to see what I call the "Matrix" or Mathemematicans call this Vector Space.

To see or think in the Vector Space, requires a boat load of focus becuase you're essentially decomposing the world into data, 0's and 1's.

This has been one of the gifts that have been bestowed upon me and it allowed me to solve the AI problem for Sage AI's first product, SageTalk.


What this product aims to solve, is very simple. It aims to remove and reduce the monotony in a typical Customer Service persons day-to-day operations.

We do this by creating an Artificially Intelligence Brain, that learns on it's own by reading chat logs.

We have achieved state-of-the-art performance in this area and are on the verge of bringing on our first major Customer.

This technology is truly novel, and game-changing. This type of technology will give process improvements akin to when Lyft or Uber was introduced to the world. And if you can imagine, what it would be like for the AI to drive the Uber's. That type of expotential gain in efficinecy, is where the world is going.

The main objective for efficinecy gains such as these, is to give time back to humans, so they can do more with their time and thier lives.

This is the true power of technology.


You may be wondering how this was all possible, from a kid form White Plains, NY. And I attribute alot of my success to my ability to achieve a meditative state of flow.

Flow is when you are purely focused on what you are working on, and your attention is fixated on that.

I believe many world-class performers reach this state of flow in whatever they do, art, singing, sports, ect.

This state of flow, is largely attributed to my meditation practice that I've cultivated over the years.

This Flow allows us to channel creative energy.

WARNING: This process will warp time.


I'm still just the kid from WP, NY. Actually I'm going back home to visit my mom after spending a year in San Fransisco.

Excited to put my work aside for a week and spend it with my Momma!

After all, what is doing great work all about, if you can't share it with your loved ones.

Also, I learned through my own experience, that human beings are capable of much more than what I thought they were. We can create things. Real things that can exist in harmony with us and make our lives better.

I'm looking foward to the continued growth of my vision and Sage AI's mission. I think we're truly in for a treat of a future given all of this technological evolution in such a short amout of time.

It should be quite a spectical.

Much love!!


"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey"